Hoogstraten Design is a 3D visualization agency that stands for photorealistic visualization. I try to translate every thought into a 3D object, so you can deliver your message more powerful and packed in a beautiful image. To do this correctly, I use the latest software and tools.

Creative, spontaneous, enthusiastic and ambitious are some words to describe myself. I love adventure, traveling and sharing creativity.
As a child I used to dream and draw a lot. I’ve always been fascinated to let people understand what I mean, to deliver my message stronger and let people feel what I wanted to let them feel.

Now I help others to visualize their ideas with the most high-end techniques to make the world as visual as possible!

My name is Bart Hoogstraten. I graduated in 2019 as an interior designer. During my study period I learned a lot of (design) knowledge and skills to help someone to create a house. Every little step from starting with raw sketching till the last drops of paint on the walls to finish the house and every step in between. With all this experience in my backpack I try to create to the most impressive visualizations, with an extra eye for details and atmosphere!


  • Bart Hoogstraten (1996)
  • The Netherlands
  • Graduated as an interior designer

This gives me energy:

  • To work on cool projects!
  • Fitness and food
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Designing / Brainstormsessions


  • CGI (computer graphics imaginary)
  • Architecture & Design
  • Tech developments
  • International business