I’m glad to welcome you here. On this page I would like to give you a short workshop on jargon inside of the 3D field. You can take advantage of this information, so that we can work together even more effectively.

Questions & answers

Before the final visualization takes place, I always make a test-visual. This is actually the final visualization on low image format. These drafts are always numbered by date and number. So you can always find it back correctly 😉

This is the name for the calculation process from 3D file to visualization. The size of the image and detailing determines the rendering time. This is why approval on the draft is so important, because once it is rendered, it is difficult to make any changes. 

De hoeveelheid pixel bepaald de scherpte van het eindresultaat. Daarom is het belangrijk juist na te gaan in uw project welke maat zich het beste leent.

Voor in(ex)terieur gebruik ik meestal 4K Cinema (4096 x 2160px). Voor animaties HD (1920 x 1080px). 

In other words, seamless textures are texture images that are mirrored identically on all sides. The function of this is, that the texture falls multiple times over the 3D surface without visible seams. 

In the workflow section, I created a form where you can easily fill in the appropriate steps. This is how we make a fresh start! 

Still want to adjust a little thing? No problem, I’ll fix it! Every quotation includes two standard revision rounds. More info about revision rounds and adjustments can be found here.

Imagine: once visualized, your idea turns out not to be as expected after all. Maybe you suddenly want something completely different? That doesn’t matter, we change the assignment and start a new project with a new quote and finish the old one.

This depends on the size of the project, but on average within two weeks.